OO7 is an advanced generation bentgrass & was selected for improved Dollar Spot resistance, bright dark green leafy colour, excellent winter colour with no purpling and a vigorous, uniform, moderately dense growth habit.

NZ BROWNTOP var. Punawai
NZ Browntop creeping browntop is a new variety with underground rhizomes and fine green leaves.It withstands many different cutting heights,and therefore can be used in many turf situations.

Aggressiveness, vigour and wear tolerance make Penncross a natural for greens, tees, and fairways. Penncross' ability to perform under a wide range of conditions makes this bentgrass adaptable virtually anywhere.

DOMINANT XTREME is currently a blend of the vigorous,uniform,bright dark green colour of 007 with the fast establishing and superb putting qualityTyee bentgrass.


SR1150 has superior stress performance under both high and low maintenance.It has superior seedling vigour and improved Dollar Spot resistance.


TYEE bentgrass has been bred for extra density & performance in both summer and winter.

Vesper Velvet bentgrass is a new type of velvet bentgrass that is far superior in heat stress and summer performance than older varieties.

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