Commonly used in warm climate zones with high tolerance to hot temperatures although can suffer from drought stress.Coarse textured leaf which will form moderate to dense turf.Often used on roadside batters,parks and reserves.

A ground covering creeping plant that whilst maintained similar to that of most turfgrasses is not.Has excellent shade qualities and is distinctive by its pale green kidney shaped leaves.

Turbocote Kikuyu is a warm season grass that spreads by vigorous stolons and rhizomes.The turbocote contains biostimulants and seaweed concentrate that greatly assists in the seedlings ability to absorb nutrients in the soil,improve root and shoot development and recover from wear.


SR ZOYSIA is primed for quick germination and establishment and is much faster and easier than sprigs or plugs providing full turf cover in 10 to 14 weeks. SR ZOYSIA is a top performer under drought, salt and other stress conditions. It provides early spring green-up, later fall green color and is desease and insect resistant.

WHITE CLOVER is widely used as a component in pasture seed blends for sheep and cattle grazing. It is suited to moist, fine textured soils and cool, humid climates.

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